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Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Anyone who tells you otherwise is deceiving you. The turmoil leaves you with wounds that turn into scars. And you try to conceal it, mask it. Don a deception. You try to run away from your past, but it comes creeping. The only question that remains is: can you keep your deceptive calm?

A stunning light-skinned beauty, Vanessa, raised in a Southern Black orphanage, assumes the identity of a dead White baby.

And thus, she is reborn into her new life, working her way up to the newsroom ranks to become the first female co-anchor of the evening newscast.

Her mesmerizing and intoxicating charm on air was enough to win the hearts of many. She helped her station move up the Nielsen ratings.

Life is good, and it seems as though Vanessa was able to escape her past. Little did she know, her turmoil had only just begun.

Her charmed life abruptly ends after the birth of her first child when his diagnosis is Sickle Cell disease. Discovering that the woman he married is Black, as is his toddler son, Vanessa’s ruthless husband plots their murders. Meanwhile, a young detective skims through her past to see what is behind the mask Vanessa dons. The aftermath of the discovery brings down one of the pillars of San Francisco’s society.