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A Walk With Patricia and Vanessa – The Epidemic of Racism in 1968 vs. Today

It’s a beautiful thought, knowing we are made of the same flesh, that we all need air to breathe, food to survive, and people to feel loved by. We are all fascinated by the stars, find joy in singing and dancing, have a profound sense of community, and cherish our own. We are all the same, aren’t we?

Sadly, no. Past this wholesome truth lies a bitter reality that has ravaged humanity for centuries.

A young Patricia Skipper witnessed the worst of humans with segregation, and her innocent belief of humankind being “one and the same” was shattered. This was only the start, as her curiosity and experiences led her to pen one of the most riveting and important pieces of drama-fiction.

Deceptive Calm is the manifestation of Patricia’s experiences through Vanessa, a light-skinned beauty, as she struggles through turbulent racial prejudice in the year 1968.

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