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where love, secrets, and the chaos of history collide in a story that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!


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Author Patricia Skipper is a journalist and broadcaster who grew up as a Marine Corps brat and witnessed the racial segregation and discrimination in the South. She graduated from the University of South Carolina and the University of Southern Mississippi and studied abroad in Finland and Mexico. She worked for various newspapers and TV stations, covering stories from Europe and Russia. She also helped the MADD movement gain national attention and won several Addy Awards for her commercial writing. She supports American Women in Radio and Television

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Book Description

Against the turbulent backdrop of declared martial law in South Carolina, a stunning light-skinned beauty, Vanessa, lives in a Catholic orphanage for Blacks. After a series of racial traumas, Vanessa obtains the birth certificate of a deceased white baby and uses this document to assume the child’s identity. She moves to California and enrolls at UC Berkeley under her newly acquired name.
Vanessa marries into one of California’s wealthiest families. Her charmed life abruptly ends eighteen months after the birth of her first child who is diagnosed with sickle cell trait. Discovering that the woman he married is Black, as is his toddler son, Vanessa’s ruthless husband plots his revenge but they both survive. The police investigation that follows seems pretty clear-cut until a curious, young detective uncovers some clues to her private life where nothing is as it appears. The aftermath of the discovery brings down a pillar of San Francisco society.

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We all have a past. Unhealed wounds that turn into scars. They end up molding you as a person.

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